A Live Blood Nutritional Assessment will help You:
~   Discover how the choices you make each day affect your overall health and
well being.

~   See the
effect certain foods, drinks, and environmental toxins have on your
body and blood.

~   To
detect and prevent underlying sickness and disease.

~   To learn
how to take responsibility for your health.

~   To
balance your system by giving it the nutrition it needs from 100% Pure
Plant Based Whole Foods.
Nutritional Microscopy
What you will receive:                         

•        Observation of Live and Dried Blood
•        Individual Assessment and Education
•        Evaluation of Nutritional Health
•        Dietary and Lifestyle Recommendations
•        Health and Fitness Protocols
•        A written report and photographs of your blood!
Payment Options:

  Live & Dried Blood Analysis - Basic                        $85.00
         1-2 Hours

  Live & Dried Blood Analysis - Comprehensive        $150.00
         2-3 hours