If you have ever wanted to learn live blood microscopy we can help you!

We offer live blood analysis training in both Phase Contrast and Darkfield Microscopy.  Courses are
offered on an individual basis.  We offer microscope packages, equipment, and supplies and the most economical
prices.  Our training and educational protocols are comprehensive and complete with everything you will need to
begin your practice the day your training is complete.  Prices are extremely affordable and competitively unmatched
for both the training and equipment.  
Current Prices
Training and Certification for Nutritional Microscopy
                                                                        $1,200.00                                                Discounted:  $950.00**
3 days* Intensive Training                                                                                                                                
Live Blood and Dried Blood (using Phase/Brightfield & Darkfield)

Patient Education and Nutritional Protocols
Comprehensive Program                                                   
Healthcare Provider Forms; Patient Forms; and Nutritional Protocols  *               
3” Ring Binder with advanced training included; 6 CDs and 2 DVDs
Patient Education Books                                             
*Fees applicable to number and type needed.

Supplementation – Resource List & Price Available with training.

Microscope Packages                                                        

Advanced Microscope Packages                                                                                                                                      

Level II – Darkfield and Brightfield/Phase Contrast – Live and Dried  (Recommended)

DRC M2 - Ultra Darkfield LED Microscope                                               $3,400.00
Trinocular, complete with:  Abbe Condenser with Iris Diaphram; Ultra LED Light source;
C-Mount Adapter, Biovid Camera, connector and power supply; two 10X/18 wide field
eyepieces; DIN Optics; 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x, and 100x Oil (immersion) M2 Plan Achromatic Objectives

Darkfield Condensor and                                                                                $500.00
100x DF Infinity Oil Objective                         

NOTE:  Level II with DF allows viewing in microscope and monitor of polymorphic organisms.

Discounted:  $3400.00


With Training:
Live Blood, Dried Blood Training                        $1,200                                          
Discounted:  $950.00
Darkfield Training**                                         $1,000                                            Limited time only:  
                                                                                                              **Included at no charge!    
                                                      Level II – Complete Training and Microscope Package               $4,350.00

Raw Vegetarian Lunches & Juices during Training - $45^

  • Introductory Supplies                             $100
  • M-Series Aluminum Hard Carry Case       $150
  • Video Grabber                                       $175  (capture, edit, save, print, and send pictures)
  • 3 Oils                                                     $12
  • Pro Service Kit                                        $59

                                                     TOTAL COST Level II  with all Options                                      $4,891.00

Price increase for 2013(from manufacturer)                                                                                                        $130.00

                                                                                                                   TOTAL COST                $5,021.00

NOTE:We also offer travel to and from airport, hotel, and training for an additional $50.

Note:  Prices above are subject to change based on availability.


Now Offering:

•        DRC Ultra Darkfield LED Base Upgrade for previously purchased microscopes only  $275!

Our NEW – Ultra Darkfield LED Microscopes with the Base Upgrade is custom designed and built exclusively for our customers.  This new
proprietary technology will give further illumination of microorganisms and their pleomorphic development as never before.  Please note:  The new LED
microscopes are excellent in their visible observations and superior to any on the market.  This new Adapter is like looking into the sun!  There is no
distortion in color or shape.  Both are all you would ever need for exceptional microscopic examination of Live and Dried Blood Analysis.

For more information or to schedule your training contact:  

Dr. Sandy D. Corlett, ND, DPH, ThD, President
Diabetes Resource Center, Inc.
Center for Nutritional Medicine
770-277-3337  -  800-354-0004

To reserve your training date, simply pay your 50% deposit here:

(Use the drop down arrows to select the training option discussed.)

To begin your training, pay your balance due here:

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Balance Due

To reserve your training date and Level II Advanced Microscope,
simply pay your 50% deposit here:        
LBA Training - Level II  - $2,275.00

Level II Microscope with Camera - ONLY.  Simply pay your FULL
payment here.
 (including $98.90 PayPal Transaction Fee - Taxes not included):  

[This option must be confirmed before payment.  -- Shipping Charges not
included and payment to be made after cost is determined.  Contact Us. ]
Microscope with Camera (only) -
Level II  - $3,498.90

To reserve your Training date and Level II Advanced Microscope with
lunch & juice), Shared Tax:
 simply pay your FULL payment here
($5171.63 including $150.63 PayPal Transaction Fee)
:       [This option must be
confirmed before payment.  Contact Us.]
LBA Training, Microscope (w/options -
tax*, and Paypal Fees) - Level II  -
Leading Edge Technology
Before paying, please confirm the appropriate option with us.  If you do not see your option, we will prepare
one specific to your purchase.

Transportation to and from Airport, hotel, and training:  simply pay
your payment here
($53.00  including $3.00 PayPal & Transaction Fee):       [This
option must be confirmed before payment.  Contact Us.]
To and from Airport, hotel, training ( and
Paypal Trans. Fees) - Level II  - $53.00

Ultra LED Darkfield M2 Base ($275.00  including $8.25 PayPal & Transaction
:       [This option must be confirmed before payment.  Contact Us.]
($275 and Paypal Trans. Fees $8.25) -
Level II  - $283.25

Extra Training Day  (Half day $165.00  and Full Day $300 including PayPal &
Transaction Fee)
:    [This option must be confirmed before payment.  Contact Us.]
(Use the drop down arrows to select the extra training option discussed.)
($165 half and $300 full including Paypal
Trans. Fees -$4.95 & $9.00)
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