Stress Control

Stress is an inevitable component to life.  To properly function in the world you must
stay alert and respond to situations appropriately.  When you are under stress, your
body robs vital nutrients, oxygen and blood from your immune system and digestive
systems and sends them to more critical organs such as your heart, lungs, and muscles.
Your adrenal glands secrete hormones that help your body deal with tension.  When
your body remains in this state of alarm primed for “fight or flight” the overabundance
of hormones makes you sick.

The physiological effects of stress are not the only hazards to our bodies:  
When people under stress, they often
don’t take care of themselves, neglecting to eat properly, exercise or rest.
 High levels of stress not properly
released results in illness and disease.  Stress can be physical or psychological.  Stressors can be external or
internal.  Stress can result from infections, injury illness, anger, rage, unresolved emotions, and sin.  Symptoms
range from fatigue, frustration, irritability, difficulty concentrating, muscle tension, headaches, increased or
decreased appetite, to weight gain or loss.

Before we can restore ourselves to wellness, we need to engage in some emotional and spiritual
“housecleaning”.  We must bring into balance all the things through which we sought to meet our deepest
needs.  Anytime one part of you becomes dominant like your emotions, the rest of your body is thrown off
balance.  You lose control and then seek to regain it.  The key is recognizing stress and determining what is
causing it.  You must learn to listen to your body cues and alarms.  Most of us are very unaware of our body’s
state unless we are in serious pain or experience an obvious change in health.  Your body and mind are intimately
connected.  What your mind thinks, your body feels.  It is of great importance to develop a finely tuned
awareness of your body at all times.

We believe that God has given us the keys to stress control.  They can be found all around us in what we
what we
smell, what we taste, what we hear, and what we feel!  By utilizing your senses, you can control the
stress in your life through your surroundings.

Simpler Living

Part of simpler living begins with being able to sort values, what matters and what doesn’t.  Going back to the
basics of simpler living can provide you a better, happier, and healthier quality of life.