Nutritional Assessment
Individualized Nutritional Assessments are available through consultation via phone or office visit.  Call
our office for more information:  770-277-3337, 800-354-0004.

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for information using Microscopy to determine and see
the effect nutrition has on your cells.  

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Eating the right food and having the perfect diet can enhance your
overall health and lifestyle. Read on to find out more about nutritional

Nutritional counseling is a wide subject that takes into account the
various nutritional aspects of a diet, the eating habits and various
other facets of a diet important for good health. Nutritional counseling
can be used for maintaining the general well being of a healthy human
being as well as to aid the remedial effects of medicines in case of
Goals of Nutritional Counseling

It is a common misconception that nutritional counseling is required only if you are suffering or recovering
from a particular ailment. Nutritional counseling can also be used to analyze and improve one’s diet for general
well being. Here some of the basic goals of nutritional counseling.

 •    Spreading awareness about the importance of a healthy diet
 •    Enhancing the body efficiency by boosting energy levels
 •    Improving the immune system
 •    Detoxification and re-vitalizing the entire body
 •    Reducing risks of diseases and ailments